Destiny Aurora: Renegades

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In the future an Intergalactic Coalition was formed to police certain quadrants of the galaxy. However, in the lawless area known as Dregg Space a group of mercenaries called Renegades have been hired for a variety of criminal tasks ranging from data theft to assassination. A pair of Coalition ships have been dispatched to stop them, namely the Destiny Aurora and the Eden Fyre. The galaxy wont remain imperiled for long.

Destiny Aurora: Renegades is a 1-4 player miniatures strategy board game based on the Destiny Aurora novel series. Choose to either play as the criminal band of Renegades or the Coalition trying to bring them to justice. Recruit your crew to work the five stations on your ship: Commander, Pilot, Weapons, Communications and Engineering, as you descent to the planet's surface and deploy your away team on one of the sixteen perilous missions.

With two interchanging boards you can simultaneously engage in space battles while your landing party struggles to fight indigenous creatures and villains on the planet surface. Get ready for some epic excitement and hours of replayability.

Players: 1-4
Ages: 12+
Game Length: 90-120 mins