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DROPMIX is a dynamic and fast-paced MUSIC-MIXING GAME from Hasbro & Harmonix (the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central). Players blend HIT SONGS from award-winning artists to create mind-blowing mixes. Get together and face-off WITH FRIENDS to master the mix. No music-making skills required.

Ready to start the party? The DROPMIX app controls the entire system from your phone or tablet. The DROPMIX Music Gaming System comes complete with the electronic DROPMIX board and 60 DROPMIX cards to get your mix going. Play DROPMIX cards on the DROPMIX board to instantly, awesomely blend songs.

Requires purchase of this DROPMIX Starter Set, compatible mobile device, operating system, and internet connection. Data rates from your mobile carrier may apply.

Players: 1-4
Ages: 16+