Vallejo 74.101 Fantasy Pro: Fairy Flesh Set


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A set of eight acrylic waterbased colors for painting skintones with intense colors for small scale fantasy figures, or low saturation natural skin colors of historical figures or figures in war scenarios. The colors are self leveling and cover in one applications without leaving brushmarks; they dry to a matte, permanent finish. Can be used for brush and airbrush.

Designed by Nocturnamodels and produced by Vallejo. This set also includes detailed step by step instructions by Nocturna Models.

Contains one 17ml plastic squeeze bottle in each of the following colors:
  • 74001 Nocturna Shadow
  • 74002 Burned Flesh
  • 74003 Reddish Flesh
  • 74004 Base Flesh
  • 74005 Medium Flesh
  • 74006 Natural Flesh
  • 74007 Fairy Flesh
  • 74008 Highlight Skin