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Grifters is a hand-building game for 2-4 players that has all the fun of deck-building games, without the deck. Players take on the role of powerful crime bosses, building their criminal organizations by carefully recruiting new operatives with specialized skills and directing their team's nefarious deeds. All of your specialists are either in play or in your hand, ready to be used as you command. This unique hand-building mechanic gives you total control of your strategy.

Grifters comes with everything you need to play - this is a completely stand alone game and does not directly interact with the other great games set in the Dystopian Universe.‚ The box is the same size as The Resistance, Avalon & One Night Revolution and includes:

  • 12 Ringleader Specialists cards
  • 48 Specialist cards
  • 20 Job cards
  • 75 Mega ISK tokens
  • 4 Player tableaus
  • Rule book

Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 30-45 mins