Guess Who? Game: Marvel Edition

Hasbro Gaming

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It's the popular Guess Who? game featuring Super Heroes and Super Villains from the Marvel Universe! Each player chooses a mystery character -- it could be Spider-Man, or one of his friends or foes. Kids can have lots of fun as they ask yes or no questions to figure out each other's mystery character. Players can ask questions like ""Is your character wearing a mask?"" or ""Does your character have long hair?"" The game starts out with a full tray of characters, and with each answer, more characters are eliminated -- narrowing down the possibilities. The first player to figure out their opponent's mystery character wins the game!

Includes 2 game trays, 2 double-sided character cards (1 for each player), 2 selectors, and instructions.

• Marvel edition of the Guess Who? game
• Players figure out each other's Marvel character
• Players ask questions like "Is your character wearing a cape?"

Players: 2
Ages: 5+
Game Length: 20 mins