Ninja Taisen


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This is a story about the fate of two villages infamous for their relentless war against each other. Now, the leader of each village gathers and prepares their best Ninjas to invade the enemy village. Who will emerge victorious from this final battle?

Each player controls 10 Ninjas recruited to defend their village. These Ninjas have a strength (between 1 and 3) and a color-coded category. Following the famous rock/paper/scissors logic, players have to defeat the enemies at the other side of their path to conquer the opposing village, but only the roll of the dice will decide how far your Ninjas can go...


  • 3 dice
  • 20 Ninja cards
  • 11 Battlefield cards
  • 2 Player Aids
  • 1 rulebook
Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Game Length: 20 min