Rampaging Jotunn

Lost Cog Games

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As the Jotunn destroys all in his reach, Viking armies fight a bloody war of dominance in his shadow.

Rampaging Jotunn is a two-player strategy game that pits players in a competitive contest of tactics and supremacy.

Each player controls three villages and two Viking armies. Both use their armies for defense as well as to destroy their opponents villages.  Players are always keeping a watchful eye for the ancient threat looming above them all, the Jotunn rampaging across the island destroying everything in sight.

Players use cards to move their armies or to influence the Jotunn and direct him toward their opponents armies and villages. The player with the last villages on the board wins!

Can you survive the Jotunn’s Rampage and conquer your opponent?

Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Game Length: 15-45 mins