Champions of Midgard: Valhalla

Grey Fox Games

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A Viking's quest for glory never ends - even in death.

In Valhalla, Valkyries choose who is worthy to join in everlasting battle at Odin's side.  Epic Monster meet berserkers on the battlefield for all eternity.  Days are filled with glorious fighting and nights are spent drinking mead in the company of the greatest Vikings who ever lived.

Champions of Midgard: Valhalla expands the world of Champions of Midgard, adding new and exciting content.  Berserkers and shieldwarriors are ready to fight at your side in the earthly realm.  Valkyries and epic monsters wait in Valhalla to do battle or grant blessings accordingly.  The best Viking leaders will find ways to defeat their enemies in Midgard while sending the right warriors to continue winning them glory in the afterlife.  Mastering Valhalla opens up exciting new paths for those seeking to become Jarl.


  • 1 New Side Board (The Valhalla Board)
  • 5 Burial Ground Tiles
  • 10 Berserker Dice
  • 10 Shieldwarrior Dice
  • 5 Leader Dice
  • 32 Valkyrie Blessing Cards
  • 9 Epic Monsters
  • 2 New Destiny Cards
  • 105 Sacrifice Tokens
  • 2 New Leader Boards
  • 9 Leader Ability Boards

Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Game Length: 60-120 mins