Epic Roll: Eclipse

Summon Entertainment

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Do you enjoy dice games? How about cards? And how do you feel about fast-paced fantasy battles, and racing opponents for treasure and glory? Well great news! You've found the right game...

Epic Roll: Eclipse is the first stand-alone expansion for the Epic Roll series, combining a dice-based system with card effects and potent abilities.  Eclipse can be played solo, and allows 2-3 players to compete in games averaging 15-30 minutes.  Combined with the original Epic Roll, games expand to support up to 6 players, competing in teams or individually.

Epic Roll: Eclipse introduces three fearsome new champions, new adversaries, and of course new reward cards.  Eclipse also includes the all-new Relic cards, allowing players to customize their champions and wield an array of potent magical abilities.  Eclipse challenges players to don their black hats (helms and cowls are also acceptable) and lead the forces of evil against the Paladin King and his loyal followers.  Make your friends jealous and your parents proud(ish) by being the first to plunge the Kingdom of Gallagh into darkness!

The Game Includes:

  • Full-color game board illustrated by
    veteran artist Mark Soderwall
  • 9 unique custom dice
  • 30 Reward cards
  • 8 Relic cards
  • 4 Death's Reprieve counters
  • 2 Life stones
  • 3 Champion tokens
  • 3 Champion Cards
  • Rule book
Players: 1-3 (1-6 with original Epic Roll)
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 15-20 mins