Five Seals of Magic

Mayday Games

$26.99 $40.00


Welcome to the magical trial in the dungeons of the Arcana Tower! Here, in the hallways and dead ends of the labyrinth, hidden by dust and magic, protected by darkness and sealed away, lie scrolls containing the spells of the ancient enchanters.  To overcome the trial and defeat your opponents, you will have to collect the most valuable scrolls, for only these powerful spells can turn you into the true Master of Magic!

Who will become the new Archmage?

The mysterious Arcana Tower has been left without a master.  The mages of the Great Pentad are about to elect a new sovereign.  The Shaman of the North, the Witch of the East, the Sorcerer of the South, the Seer of the West, and the Wizard of the Beyond will leave their regalia and their books, their amulets and their artifacts in the great hall of the Tower.  They will set forth to meet challenges, arming themselves with nothing but their talents, their knowledge, and their will - and, of course, the aid of their faithful familiars.


  • 24 colored dice (6 for each element Fire, Water, Earth, and Air)
  • 6 two-sided board segments
  • 120 magical seal tokens
  • 5 mage figures
  • 5 familiar figures
  • 130 scroll cards
  • 5 guardian figures in different colors
  • First player marker
  • Rulebook

Players: 2-5
Ages: 10+
Game Length: 30-60 mins