Legendary: Marvel DBG Civil War

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Legendary®: Civil War brings a new type of card to the game that will leave players Divided. The next expansion for Legendary®: A Marvel Deck Building Game highlights the classic Marvel Comics story "Civil War". The story arc forced superheroes to choose a side.

New Types of Cards:

Civil War introduces "Divided Cards" which have two miniature cards printed on the same card. Divided cards are able to be recruited from the HQ as normal by paying its cost. Each side of a divided card will show the same cost. This cost only has to be paid once, not a total of both sides. While a Divided Card is in your hand or the HQ, it counts as all its Hero Classes, Teams, and Hero Names. But once you play it, the card only counts as the side you choose.

Size-Changing represents Heroes and Villains using superpowers to massively change their size. A card with Size-Changing allows a player to recruit that card for 2 less Recruit points if they have played a specific Hero Class. This discount is not stackable.

Phasing Heroes like Vision can become insubstantial and move through solid objects. During a players turn, if a card with Phasing is in their hand, they may swap it with the top card of their deck. This lets players get a different card instead, save a crucial Phasing card for the next turn, or set up a combo that looks at the top card of the player's deck.

Legendary® - Civil War comes with 15 new 'Special Sidekicks' super powered pets known as the Pet Avengers! Players will play with the Sidekick stack face down and once per turn can pay 2 Recruit points to recruit a Sidekick from the top of the stack. Card effects that allow players to Gain a sidekick do not count towards the once-per-turn limit.

Players: 1-5
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 60 mins