The Agents

Ninja Division

$24.99 $34.99

The Agents is a tactical, turn-based card game of spies, secrets, and subterfuge for 2 to 5 players. Using agents of different skills and talents, players compete to connect factions of agents, complete missions and emerge with the most intelligence points. Easy to learn and quick to set up, ​The Agents​ also encourages thoughtful tactics and shifty strategy to win.

The Agents features over 85 beautifully illustrated cards in an edgy spy motif. With 40 agent cards, 40 mission cards, and 5 safe house cards, the game encourages players to carefully strategize yet remain flexible in planning out their missions, much like spies in the field. Thanks to shared factions, players must also monitor each other as every action potentially ruins plans while furthering others.

The Agents is the core game in an ever-growing line of popular expansions that add more agents, more missions, and more danger and strategy. With unique conditions that make the game ever-flexible, variable, unpredictable, and a test of forward planning and quick thinking, The Agents is sure to be a hit with fans of espionage and mystery.

  • Rulebook
  • 40 Agent Cards
  • 40 Mission Cards
  • 5 Safe House Cards
  • 50 Intel Point Chips

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 20-40 mins