The Others: 7 Sins Delta Team Box

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The Delta Team box contains new features for almost every aspect of the The Others: 7 Sins base game, including Heroes, Upgrade cards, Old Town tiles, Corrupted Acolytes, and more!

The Delta Team box also includes some new Old Town tiles for the Heroes to defend.  Locations like the park and the library offer some respite from the battle for those trying to save the Earth. One of the oldest structures in the city of Haven is the Castle. Getting inside allows the Heroes access to every City Action in the game, but there is a lot of corruption to fight through to get there. Heroes will have a lot of adventures exploring all the new areas.  

As the city grows, so do the armies of evil. Overcome with corruption, twelve new Acolytes join the Sin’s army. Six Corrupted Chefs in three different sculpts, and six Corrupted Musicians in three different sculpts have given in to their basest desires and now fight to bring on the apocalypse. They’ll throw everything at the Heroes… including the kitchen sink.  

The Delta Team box also includes new Hero dice, Upgrade cards, and all of the Hero dashboards and Acolyte boards you’ll need to dive into battle with the enemy.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 90 mins