The Others: 7 Sins: Greed

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And lo, I came to the palace in that city of dust where the old lords held council, and heard angry voices, the lords themselves.  Within the throne room each sat on his mountain of gold, locked in vicious argument over the final undecided copper coin, though they themselves starved.  I looked upon men made wealthy by Greed, but who could afford nothing, except their own death.

The Greed expansion adds a whole new Sin for players to use in their game of The Others, bringing new challenges to the Hero players, and new strategies for the Sins player.  Greed comes with its own set of Monsters, including a Controller, 6 Abominations, and a terrifying Avatar of Sin!  Through its Sin Power and Sin Cards, Greed introduces a completely different dynamic to the game, making the Forces of Sin stronger against Heroes who hoard too much to themselves.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 90 mins