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A frightening new virus has been discovered and is spreading rapidly through the main cities on the planet.  Authorities have named it virus Q.  People and animals infected with the virus mutate rapidly, transforming into terrible, bloodthirsty, nightmarish, and almost unstoppable creatures.  Humanity's last hope is to identify patient zero and the outbreak's point of origin.  By returning to the source of the virus, there is hope an antidote will be found, thus bringing humanity back from the brink of destruction.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees; there are those who see an opportunity to profit from the chaos and the terror.  These people have no interest in the discovery of an antidote as it would foil their plans for power.  As they hope to seize power, they seek to discover a way to control the monstrous creatures created by the virus to establish a new world order.

The virus was created in a nearly inaccessible military laboratory and first unleashed inside its walls.  The creatures that now stalk the corridors in this laboratory are a terror beyond imagination.

The players represent a team of survivors assembled for a last ditch attempt to find the antidote rumored to exist within the walls of the facility.  They must gather what clues they can find scattered throughout the laboratory to identify the location of the antidote, all while avoiding or fighting the monsters found within.

In Virus, Ameritrash genre and game elements are combined with the Euro genre to create something new!  The game features a brand new combat resolution mechanic: "Roll the Cube", a fun and innovative system that adds an additional layer of tactical depth.  Rules for room placement and monster movement mechanics create an "AI by the players" combining perfectly with the underlying game elements, giving Virus incredible strategic depth.

The game may be played two different ways.  Real Time may be implemented to bring an additional degree of tension!  However, those who prefer a more relaxed style of play may choose to play without it while keeping the strategic depth of the game intact.  The game may also be played in a number of different modes:  solo gamers can enjoy the game in solo mode, players who enjoy working together can play the game in cooperative mode, semi-cooperative mode may be used to introduce a "traitor" mechanic into the the game, and finally, the game may be played competitively for players who prefer to go up against each other.  Regardless of the mode chosen, players may choose from three difficulty levels to ensure replayability and to provide a different atmosphere around the gaming table.

Players: 1-6
Ages: 14+
Game Length: 90 mins